How to Use a Vape Pen

How to Use a Vape Pen - Beginner’s Guide for Vaping THC & CBD

Vape pens are getting increasingly popular due to the size and convenience of these smokable vapor-producing pens. However, many newbies and beginners may find it difficult to get that miraculous hit from these pens. And it's reasonable, vape pens are not the most simple vaping instruments. But once you learn how to use a vape pen, it's not that sophisticated either. 

This post will aid you in understanding how to use a vape pen for a euphoric experience. We'll also take a glance at different types of vape pens, the mechanics of vaping pens, how to take proper care of your pen so it can be used for years to come, and many more essential details! 

Let's begin.  

What are the Different Types of Vape Pens?

The vape pens can be differentiated based on three aspects. These are...

Differentiation on Basis of E-juice Content of Vape Pen

There are special vape pens for different types of vaping chemicals or e-juices. E-juices come in various forms like THC e-juice, CBD e-juice, Nicotine e-juice, and more. You cannot fill THC in a CBD vape pen. They both are different compounds, they have varying chemical properties. Each one should be filled in specific vape pens specifically made for them.  

Based on the content of e-juice, there are five types of vape pens. 

  1. Cannabis vape pen - You can use Cannabis vape pens to vape cannabis oils. These pens are not supposed to be used for cannabis tinctures. 
  2. CBD vape pen - You can use a CBD vape pen to smoke e-juices containing varying levels of CBD.
  3. THC Vape pen - The THC vape pens can be used for smoking juices, oils, and various CBD concentrates. 
  4. Wax vape pen - can be used for vaping cannabis wax and oils. 
  5. Dry herb vape pen - The dry herb concentrates can be filled in a pen vape cartridge to experience the raw herbs.  

Difference Based on the Nature of the Vape Pen 

Based on this aspect, there are two types of vape pens;

  1. Disposable pens - The disposable vape pens are typical one-time-use vape pens. Once the matter of the pen gets all used up, it can't be used anymore. 
  2. Reusable pen - As the name suggests, these vape pens can be reused once the e-juice of pens gets all used up. It can be refilled with a new cartridge. 

Difference Based on the Working of Pen

  1. Automatic Vape pen - The automatic does have a button, it automatically starts the moment you take a puff. 
  2. Button Start Vape pen - This is a typical vape pen that starts by pressing a button incessantly five times.  

How Do Vape Pens Work?

The working mechanism of vape pens is similar to that of humidifiers. Let us show you how a simple vape pen works. Before we get into the mechanism, let's glance at the main parts of a vape pen. 

  1. Cartridge
  2. Switch 
  3. Battery 
  4. The atomizer or heating coil 
  5. Inhaler 

Working Mechanism

  • When the switch is on, the current in the battery heats the atomizer or heating coil. 
  • The high temperature of the coils vaporizes the vape juice.
  • The vapors are inhaled by the user through an orifice known as an inhaler. 

How to Smoke Using a Vape Pen?

Smoking a vape pen is as simple as smoking a cigarette. There are two ways to smoke a vape pen. One of the most popular methods is called mouth-to-lung and the other is the direct lung method. Before we jump and explore these two methods, we need to learn the essentialities before getting started with any of the above methods. 

  1. There are various types of vape pens in the market. You need to choose what best works for you. For beginners, it can be difficult because they are unaware of what to expect or what they are looking for.  
  2. The beginners should also pay utmost attention while deciding on the e-juice. It is recommended for beginners to get started with CBD, as CBD offers the mildest experience. 

Mouth-to-lung Method. 

  1. The Mouth-to-lung method is similar to smoking a cigarette. If you have an automatic vape pen then you just need to drag through it to inhale, and if you are using a switch-based vape pen, which offers more control over your smoking, then press the button five times and then slowly take a puff to inhale the vapors. 
  2. After you have a smoke in your mouth, inhale it into your lungs.
  3. Try to keep it in for 2-3 seconds and release it naturally as you release your breath.
  4. Make sure to not inhale too strongly, this can lead e-juice to in your mouth. 

  Direct Lung Method

  1. This method is simple, you just need to inhale the vapors from your nostril. This will take the vapors directly to your lungs. 
  2. Make sure you inhale the vapors naturally and not too hard. 

How to Smoke a Vape Pen for THC?

Follow the steps below to vape THC using a vape pen. 

  1. Switch on your vaping device by pushing the starting button five times repeatedly. 
  2. If your vape pen has multiple voltage settings, make sure to keep it at the lowest. 
  3. If you are a beginner, drag the vapors slowly, and avoid inhaling too much at the same time. Doing this may cause discomfort. 
  4. If you are experienced, you need to experiment with different voltage settings to reach your threshold and enjoy the vapors of THC. 

It is important to note that THC tinctures are not made for vaping, it is used for oral intake. You must fill THC oil in your oil cartridge. 

How to Use a Vape Pen for CBD?

Go through the steps below to properly vape CBD using a vape pen.

  1. If you have a self-starting CBD vape pen, then start the intake of CBD vapors. 
  2. Keep the voltage setting to the lowest, and slowly increase the voltage if you are not satisfied with the experience. 
  3. If you have a push-starting CBD vape pen, then push the start button five times to get started.  
  4. Whether you are vaping with mouth-to-lung method or direct lung method. Make sure you drag slowly, especially if you are new to something like this. 

Make sure that vape pen batteries are fully charged. Also, ensure that the cartridges are filled with CBD vape juice or CBD oil and not with CBD oil tinctures. The CBD oil tinctures are not meant for inhalation.  

How to Use a Wax Pen?

The vapers use wax pens for vaping CBD or THC wax and concentrates. People usually refer to them as dab pens, and it concentrates as ‘dabs’. It is used in a similar way as an ideal vape pen. Refer to the steps given below to learn how to use a wax pen.  

  1. Fully charge the battery of the wax pen. 
  2. After fully charging the battery, open and expose the atomizer and fill it with wax or concentrates. 
  3. Once you fill the cartridge with the wax, close the cap. 
  4. Press the power button to turn on the wax pen and take a drag from an orifice. 
  5. After inhaling smoke, make sure to turn off the wax pen. 

How to Refill the Vape Pen?

No matter what kind of vape pen you have. The process of refilling cartridges is more or less the same. Follow the steps below to learn how to refill the vape pen. 

  1. Remove the used-up cartridge from the battery. 
  2. Slide the rubber seal to expose the hole. 
  3. Keep the nozzle of your e-liquid sideways and fill the cartridge slowly to prevent the formation of air bubbles    
  4. Do not fill the tank to the brim. Leave a small air bubble at the top. 
  5. Slide the rubber seal back and seal the opening. 
  6. Screw the new cartridge over the battery. 

What to do if Your Vape Pen is not Working Properly?

There are several pointers through which you can detect an issue with your vape pen. Here are some of the most common problems that vapers face with their vaping pen. 

  • Poor battery life
  • The battery not charging properly (USB cable)
  • Issues with heating coils or atomizers
  • Depleted cartridge  
  • Choosing the incorrect cartridge, or tank 

Let us take a look at how these problems can be solved.  

Solving Problems with Charging 

The battery not charging properly and poor battery is one of the most common problems faced by vapers. If the battery of the vape pen isn't charging properly. It is most likely your USB cable. The USB charging cable faces constant wear and tear from plugging in and plugging out the charging cable. You can replace a USB socket on a vape pen to solve this problem. Also, make sure to gently connect the USB cable to the socket present on the vape pen.      

If your problem is still lurking, then it might be a problem with the battery itself. In this case, it's time to buy a new vape pen for yourself.  

Things to do if Vape isn't Hitting

Here are some of the reasons why the vape isn't hitting and what you can do about it.

  1. The matter of the cartridge may have gotten emptied. Try replacing or refilling the cartridges with the steps mentioned below.  
  2. It could contain low-quality (THC, CBD, or nicotine). You should always buy your e-juice from high-quality vendors. 
  3. There could be a problem with your battery, it could be poorly charged. Always ensure that your battery is fully charged. If you feel that something is wrong with your battery, then you can replace the battery. Here, it is recommended to buy a brand-new vape instead. 

Solution for Vape Pen Providing Weak Hits

If your vape pen is not providing the desired results, it could be a problem with an atomizer (heating coil). The role of the atomizer is to heat the liquid present in the tank and convert it into vapor. Due to this, the heating coil is in constant wear and tear and they don't have the longest life. This is the most common reason for vapers not experiencing desired results. To solve this issue, you can change the atomizer or shop for a new vape pen. 

Below are some other reasons that could cause weak hits. 

  1. The vape battery could be low or drained out.
  2. Poor CBD, THC, or Nicotine material. Verify the trustworthiness of the supplier by going through the reviews and ratings. 
  3. Another reason could be that you have reached your potential. To get quick results, you can buy more saturated e-juices of THC or CBD. 

How to Fix a Burning Taste? 

The reason for the burning taste is the overheating of the coil. This usually happens when you switch on the button 2-3 min before vaping. This overheating burns the e-liquid inside the cartridge which is responsible for the burning taste. To prevent this from happening, turn on the switch only when you want to take a puff.  

How to Properly Take Care of Your Vape Pen?

To properly take care of your vaping pen so that it lasts longer, there are certain points you need to keep in mind;

  • Mark the expiry date of the e-liquid and make sure you are not smoking expired juice.
  • The e-juices are subject to degradation, and some environmental conditions can harness this process. Let's have a look at them. 
    • Store the vape pen in a cold and dry place or at least at room temperature to prevent the degradation by fungi or bacteria. 
    • Make sure that the storage space is clean and dry. 
    • It is recommended to keep the vape pen upright. The upright position will keep the dust away and also prevent leaks. 

Choose the Best Vape Pen for Your Day-to-Day Use!

Summing things up, to experience the best vaping experience, you need to buy a high-quality branded vape pen. Before shopping for a vape pen, make sure you are buying your e-liquid and vape pen from a reliable and trusted vendor of vape pens and e-liquid.  

After getting a vape pen, it is your responsibility to take good care of your vape pen. Don't let dust cover your vape pen and prevent sunlight from directly contacting your vape pen. The sunlight promotes the growth of cultures, molds, and bacteria. 

Hope you’ll have a nice drag!    


Q1. How do you use a Vape for the First Time?

If it is your first time vaping then carefully follow the below steps;

  1. Load an e-liquid to your vape pen with low potency. It could be anything, THC, CBD, or cannabis, just make sure that it is not highly concentrated. The saturated juice may not be good for newbies 
  2. Make sure that the voltage is set to lowest. 
  3. Once you have loaded the cartridge. Press the push switch five times repeatedly and drag the smoke slowly. 
  4. Inhale the vapor in your lungs. 
  5. Release the smoke naturally. 
  6. Once you get used to it, you can get higher e-juice with higher concentrations of e-juice.    

Q2. How is a Vape Pen Charged?

All vape pens except disposable vape pens have USB chargers. Avoid using heavy chargers used for smartphones. Use a laptop or light-voltage charger to charge your vape pen. 

Carefully go through the user manual and learn the specifics of charging hours.    

Q3. Does Vaping Hurt at First? 

If you inhale a lot of smoke at once it may hurt. Set the voltage of your vape pen to the lowest and inhale slowly. This way, you won't have any negative experiences with vaping pens.