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  • Song Ryder Delta-8 THC Pre-ground Flower in the strain Blue Dream.
  • Song Ryder Delta-8 THC Pre-ground Flower in the strain Sour Papaya.
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Song Ryder

Delta-8 THC Pre-Ground Flower

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Unwrap an instantaneous experience with our Delta-8 THC Pre-Ground Flower. Three strains provide you with a cornucopia of options for your enjoyment. No grinder is required to indulge in the following strain options:

Blue Dream  |  Hybrid

Envelope this sweeping sweet, berry flavor to elevate your state of mind with a calm and creative overture. 

Candyland  |  Sativa

Inspire with this sweet citrus featuring pine notes and spicy undertones to find an equilibrium of energy and physical tranquility for an elevated state of mind. 

Sour Papaya  |  Indica

Appraise this tropical fruity citrus flavor with a twist of pineapple to unwind into the clarity of your creative side.

Every 10g flower jar includes a humidity pack to maintain freshness for up to two years. Store the jar in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Intended for tobacco or legal dry flower or herb usage.